Ceramicore frying pan set

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Ceramicore frying pan set

Ceramicore is the best solution in your kitchen. The Ceramicore is a revolutionary solid ceramic surface, non-stick pan. Combined from old and new techniques.

Tired of the non-stick pans that stick, scratch and whose non-stick coating comes off? Did you know that some non-stick pans release dangerous fumes when the pan is heated and add harsh chemicals to your food?

The Ceramicore is suitable for all heat sources. Gas, induction, with a glass top or with an electric top. You could even hold a 1200 degree torch under it and the pan still wouldn't burn. With regular non-stick pans, the non-stick coating comes out of the pan into your food, releasing dangerous chemicals and substances into your food.

You receive:

  • Ceramicore (24 cm) non-stick pan
  • Easy Touch glass lid with built-in steam valve
  • Ceramicore (28 cm) for larger dishes incl. glass lid
  • Ceramicore (20cm)
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